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Comp. March


This distinctively designed series of round tables lends an elegant and fun note to any interior. The combination of materials: metallic structure and trays in marquetry (wooden blade) made of iron, are attractive. The practicality of the design is evident in all of them, in which the diversity of sizes and shapes allows you to decide how to compose in space. Metal base. Table top is not dyed, its color is original of the natural wood iron stick blade.

398A | MEDIDAS:   L 80  P 80  A 33 cm (HIGH)

398B | MEDIDAS:   L 70  P 70  A 28 cm (LOW)

399A | MEDIDAS:   L 60  P 60  A 56 cm (HIGH)

399B | MEDIDAS:   L 50  P 50  A 46 cm (LOW)

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