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A Msul


Working for 20 years in the furniture industry, it brought advanced technology and conquered the market with a line of products that serves the national and international market.


The company is recognized for its modern and wide industrial park, high capacity and the quality of its products. Located in the city of Paraí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


The brand innovates, evolves, surprises with sophistication and quality, always valuing its essence: transforming products that involve the feelings and emotions of each one, valuing for the well being.

Environmental and social responsibility

Msul is focused on social and environmental responsibility, prioritizing respect for the environment, energy efficiency and the development of employees, who work with passion and commitment.

Ações Sustentáveis

Get to know our sustainable actions:


Photovoltaic solar panels

It causes a reduction in pollution and carbon rates, since it does not generate polluting residues and gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

Escavadeira entra a floresta em moviment

Reforested wood

It reduces carbon dioxide (which causes the greenhouse effect) and does not cause deforestation of trees, because the wood comes from trees planted to be extracted.


Raw material waste has the correct destination

• Wood waste: used as fuel for potteries in nearby cities.

• Foam waste: used to help protect the packaging of products.

Fabric waste: used for making handicraft products, produced by schools and city halls close to the city.

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