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Msul is proud to collaborate with trained professionals to create beautifully crafted pieces that remain relevant and aesthetically instigating.


Msul understands these collaborations as partnerships based on a deep mutual trust - forming a creative culture characterized by artistic expression, knowledge of materials and knowledge of the industry. This central philosophy has shaped all product development since the beginning of the company's creative process.



Aciole Félix is an Industrial Designer graduated from the University of Brasilia and has a master's degree in Design from the Polytechnic of Milan. He has been working for more than 15 years designing products for the national industry, working for large companies, highlighting his experience of designing for brands such as Alfa Romeo and Fiat in Turin, Italy. In 2013 he turned his attention to the development of authorial furniture. Since then, he has exhibited his work in the main addresses of the world design calendar, including the Design Weeks in São Paulo, Milan, Paris and New York.


With great knowledge of industrial production processes, its products are characterized by the mixture of materials and constructive solutions. His line, always very clean and decisive, is a reflection of the profound influence of the modernist architecture of his hometown, Brasília.



Eduardo studied Design at UCS - University of Caxias do Sul, at the Bento Gonçalves Campus in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. He completed his graduation in 2021 receiving the news that he was present at the Salão Design 2022 edition, the great Brazilian furniture design award, with two finalist products: Mesa Malha and Aparador Even.


From an early age he had the opportunity to be in contact with the industry, understanding its processes, working and learning about development and productivity techniques. Along with academic learning, both conditions allowed receiving new experiences that aroused great passion for the creative area, and especially for the world of furniture.


With contemporary characteristics, its design is concerned with providing comfort and well-being, conveying a sense of connection and proximity to the user through uncomplicated, attractive, functional and lasting solutions, permeating the combination of different finishes, refined materials and exclusive details.



Designer graduated from PUCPR in 1979 and post graduated in Marketing from the Faculty of Business and Economics (FAE). He also worked as a professor at the following universities: Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná and, in the post-graduate course in Marketing at FAE Faculty of Administration and Economics and, as a business consultant, through ABA- Alvarenga, Borges and associates.



Msul Studio is an internal office of the company that operates in product development, seeking inspiration and gathering market research and national and international trends resulting in attractive and charming shapes, pleasant materials and a diversity of finishes. The consequence of projects depends on inspiration, creativity, dreams, discipline, work and determination. These are the factors that go together, forming the style that is built through feelings, emotion and affection.



Designer Paulo Teixeira has a degree in Advertising, but found his true passion in furniture design. He worked as an art and creative director for 10 years in advertising agencies, specializing in graphic design and branding. He has a background in industrial and mechanical technical design, as well as woodworking. After a long road, Paulo created his studio, where he creates furniture and objects in the most varied forms, timeless and contemporary, with functional, comfortable and ergonomic characteristics. In addition he works with graphic design, branding and surface design creating prints and textures.



With a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from UniRitter and a postgraduate degree in Interior Architecture from the same university, Rafaela has been working in interior architecture since 2013. Currently, he has also dedicated himself to the study of product design, one of his passions.

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