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Comp. Gaia


The Gaia table series effortlessly adapts to the fluid needs of today's lifestyle. Occasional tables for every moment, offer maximum flexibility even in limited spaces. The tactile and rounded design, created with precision by cutting edge machines, celebrates the substance of solid wood and combines the typical characteristics of a tray; a delicately curved edge is pleasant to the touch and prevents objects from sliding off the surface. Gaia is distinguished by its clear design and inimitable lightness visible in the solidity of the metal. Different finishes for the trays: porcelain and synthetic leather.


386A | MEDIDAS:   L 80  P 80  A 33 cm (SYNTHETIC LEATHER)

386B | MEDIDAS:   L 70  P 70  A 28 cm (PORCELAIN)


387A | MEDIDAS:   L 60  P 60  A 54 cm (SYNTHETIC LEATHER)

387B | MEDIDAS:   L 50  P 50  A 45 cm (PORCELAIN)     



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